What Is a SELECT Query Statement in SQL Server


What Is a SELECT Query Statement in SQL Server?

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The SELECT statement is also called the query statement. It is the most frequently used SQL statement in any database application. SELECT statements allows you to retrieve data from one or more tables or views, with different selection criteria, grouping criteria and sorting orders.

A SELETE statement has the following basic syntax:

SELECT select_list 
   FROM table_source 
   WHERE search_condition
   GROUP BY group_by_expression 
   HAVING search_condition
   ORDER BY order_by_expression

Here is an example of a SELECT statement with all clauses mentioned above:

SELECT SalesOrderID, SUM(LineTotal) AS TotalPrice
   FROM SalesLT.SalesOrderDetail
   WHERE ModifiedDate > '2004-05-01'
   GROUP BY SalesOrderID
   HAVING COUNT(*) > 30
   ORDER BY TotalPrice DESC


Using SELECT Statements and GROUP BY Clauses in SQL Server

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