sys.trigger_events - Event List of an Existing Trigger in SQL Server


How To See the Event List of an Existing Trigger using sys.trigger_events in SQL Server?



If what are the DML events an existing trigger is handling, you can use the catalog view, sys.trigger_events. You need to join sys.trigger_events and sys.triggers to get a better list as shown in this tutorial example:

USE FyiCenterData

SELECT, e.type, e.type_desc
FROM sys.trigger_events AS e, sys.triggers AS t
WHERE e.object_id = t.object_id
name           type   type_desc
-------------- ------ ---------
dml_message    1      INSERT
dml_message    2      UPDATE
dml_message    3      DELETE
new_user       1      INSERT
(4 row(s) affected)

The list clearly shows that dml_message handles 3 events: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.


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