Creating a New Table in a Given Schema in SQL Server


How To Create a New Table in a Given Schema in SQL Server?



When you create a new table, you can specify in which schema you want this table to be located by prefixing the table name with the schema name. In the tutorial example below, a new table "test" is created in schema "fyi":

USE FyiCenterData;

CREATE TABLE fyi.test (id INT);
Command(s) completed successfully.

SELECT AS table_name, t.type_desc, AS schema_name
   FROM sys.tables t, sys.schemas s
   WHERE t.schema_id = s.schema_id
   AND = 'test';
table_name  type_desc   schema_name
----------- ----------- ------------
test        USER_TABLE  fyi

The last query confirms that table "test" is inside schema "fyi".


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