Introduction to Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool


Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool? I want to learn simple ways to run commands on Oracle database server.



Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by DBA team on Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on creating tnsnames.ora and connecting to Oracle servers; SQL*Plus settings and environment variables; saving query output to files; getting query performance reports.

Main Features of SQL*Plus in Oracle

Start the Command-Line SQL*Plus in Oracle

Help at the SQL Prompt in Oracle

Requirements for SQL*Plus Connection in Oracle

What Is a Connect Identifier in Oracle

Connect SQL*Plus Session to Oracle Server in Oracle

Error: Could not Resolve the Connect Identifier in Oracle

Reset Lost SYSTEM Password in Oracle

Types of Commands Executed in SQL*Plus in Oracle

Run SQL Commands in SQL*Plus in Oracle

Run PL/SQL Statements in SQL*Plus in Oracle

Change SQL*Plus System Settings in Oracle

Show Current SQL*Plus System Settings in Oracle

SQL*Plus Environment Variables in Oracle

Generate Query Output in HTML Format in Oracle

Output Spooling in SQL*Plus in Oracle

Save Query Output to a Local File in Oracle

Input Buffer in SQL*Plus in Oracle

Revise and Rerun the Last SQL Command in Oracle

SQL*Plus Commands Stored in a File in Oracle

Use SQL*Plus Built-in Timer in Oracle

What Is Oracle Server Autotrace in Oracle

Setup Autotrace for a User Account in Oracle

Show Execution Path Reports in Oracle

Show Execution Statistics Reports in Oracle


Main Features of SQL*Plus in Oracle

Show the Server Version in Oracle

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