Input Buffer in SQL*Plus in Oracle


What Is Input Buffer in SQL*Plus in Oracle?



Input buffer is a nice feature of the command-line SQL*Plus tool. It allows you to revise a multiple-line command and re-run it with a couple of simple commands. By default, input buffer is always turned on in SQL*Plus. The last SQL statement is always stored in the buffer. All you need is to remember to following commonly used commands:

  • LIST - Displays the SQL statement (the last executed SQL statement) in the buffer.
  • RUN - Runs the SQL statement in the buffer again. ";" is a quick command equivalent to RUN.
  • CLEAR BUFFER - Removes the SQL statement in the buffer.
  • INPUT line - Adds a new line into the buffer.
  • APPEND text - Appends more text to the last line in the buffer.
  • DEL - Deletes one line from the buffer.
  • CHANGE /old/new - Replaces 'old' text with 'new' text in the buffer.


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