Create a New Table with SELECT Statements in Oracle


How To Create a New Table by Selecting Rows from Another Table in Oracle?



Let's say you have a table with many data rows, now you want to create a backup copy of this table of all rows or a subset of them, you can use the CREATE TABLE...AS SELECT statement to do this. Here is an example script:

>.\bin\sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect HR/fyicenter

SQL> CREATE TABLE emp_dept_10
  2  AS SELECT * FROM employees WHERE department_id=10;
Table created.

SQL> SELECT first_name, last_name, salary 
  2  FROM emp_dept_10;
FIRST_NAME           LAST_NAME                     SALARY
-------------------- ------------------------- ----------
Jennifer             Whalen                          4400

As you can see, this SQL scripts created a table called "emp_dept_10" using the same column definitions as the "employees" table and copied data rows of one department.

This is really a quick and easy way to create a table.


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