Show Dropped Tables in Recycle Bin in Oracle


How To View the Dropped Tables in Your Recycle Bin in Oracle?



You can look what's in your recycle bin through the predefined view called RECYCLEBIN. You can use the SELECT statement to list the dropped tables as shown in the following script:

SQL> connect HR/fyicenter

SQL> CREATE TABLE emp_dept_90 
  2  AS SELECT * FROM employees WHERE department_id=90;
Table created.

SQL> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM emp_dept_90;

SQL> DROP TABLE emp_dept_90;
Table dropped.

SQL> COL original_name FORMAT A14
SQL> SELECT object_name, original_name, droptime
  2  FROM recyclebin;
------------------------------ ------------- ---------------
BIN$uaSS/heeQuys53HgXRhEEQ==$0 EMP_DEPT_10   06-04-01:18:57:
BIN$gSt95r7ATKGUPuALIHy4dw==$0 EMP_DEPT_10   06-04-01:19:59:
BIN$bLukbcgSQ6mK1P2QVRf+fQ==$0 EMP_DEPT_90   06-04-01:20:47:

As you can use the EMP_DEPT_10 was dropped twice. If the same table was dropped multiple times, you need to restore by using the object name in the recycle bin with FLASHBACK statement.

Note that RECYCLEBIN is just an alias of USER_RECYCLEBIN.


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