Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL


Where to find answers to frequently asked questions about Oracle PL/SQL in general?



Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by DBA team about Oracle PL/SQL in general. This FAQ can also be used as learning tutorials on creating procedures, executing procedures, using local variables, controlling execution flows, passing parameters and defining nested procedures.

What Is PL/SQL in Oracle

Types of PL/SQL Code Blocks in Oracle

Define an Anonymous Block in Oracle

How Many Anonymous Blocks Can Be Defined in Oracle

Run the Anonymous Block Again in Oracle

What Is a Stored Procedure in Oracle

Create a Simple Stored Procedure in Oracle

Execute a Simple Stored Procedure in Oracle

Data Types Supported in PL/SQL in Oracle

Execution Flow Control Statements in Oracle

Use SQL Statements in PL/SQL in Oracle

Process Query Result in PL/SQL in Oracle

Create an Array in PL/SQL in Oracle

Manage Transaction Isolation Levels in Oracle

Example of Passing Parameters to Procedures in Oracle

Define a Procedure inside another Procedure in Oracle

What Do You Think about PL/SQL in Oracle

Sample scripts used in this FAQ assumes that you are connected to the server with the HR user account on the default database instance XE. See other FAQ collections on how to connect to the server.


What Is PL/SQL in Oracle

Build Data Dictionary View in Oracle

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