Inserting Data into an Existing Table in MySQL


How To Insert Data into an Existing Table in MySQL?



If you want to insert a row of data into an existing table, you can use the INSERT INTO statement as shown in the following sample script:

  include "mysql_connection.php";

  $sql = "INSERT INTO fyi_links (id, url) VALUES ("
      . " 101, '')";
  if (mysql_query($sql, $con)) {
    print(mysql_affected_rows() . " rows inserted.\n");
  } else {
    print("SQL statement failed with error:\n");
    print(mysql_errno($con).": ".mysql_error($con)."\n");


Remember that mysql_query() returns integer/FALSE on INSERT statements. If you run this script, you could get something like this:

SQL statement failed with error:
1142: INSERT command denied to user 'dev'@'localhost' 
   for table 'fyi_links'


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