"sp_rename ... 'OBJECT'" - Renaming Existing Tables in SQL Server


How to rename an existing table with the "sp_rename" stored procedure in SQL Server?

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If you have an existing table and you want to change the table name, you can use the "sp_rename ... 'OBJECT'" stored procedure. "sp_rename" allows you to change names of COLUMN, DATABASE, INDEX, USERDATATYPE, and OBJECT (including tables). The tutorial example below shows you how to rename a table:

sp_rename 'tip', 'faq', 'OBJECT' 
Caution: Changing any part of an object name could break 
   scripts and stored procedures.

SELECT name, type_desc, create_date FROM sys.tables
name      type_desc       create_date
faq       USER_TABLE      2007-05-19 23:05:43.700
tipBackup USER_TABLE      2007-05-19 23:25:23.357

You can also rename a table with on the Object Explorer window of SQL Server Management Studio. See tutorials on rename table columns.


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