"sp_help" - Getting a List of Columns in a View in SQL Server


How To Get a List of Columns in a View using the "sp_help" Stored Procedure in SQL Server?

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Another way to get a list of columns from a view is to use the "sp_help" stored procedure. "sp_help" returns more than just a list of columns. It returns: the view information, the column information, the identity column, the row GUID column. The tutorial exercise belwo shows you what you will get with sp_help:

EXEC SP_HELP fyi_links_top;
Name           Owner  Type  Created_datetime
-------------- ------ ----- -----------------------
fyi_links_top  dbo    view  2007-05-19 13:43:46.983
Column_name  Type     Computed  Length  Prec  Scale Nullable
------------ -------- --------- ------- ----- ----- --------
id           int      no        4       10    0     yes     
counts       int      no        4       10    0     yes     
url          varchar  no        80                  no      
No identity column defined.

No rowguidcol column defined.


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