sys.sql_modules - Getting View Definitions Back in SQL Server


How To Get the Definition of a View Out of the SQL Server in SQL Server?



If you want get the definition of an existing view back from the SQL Server, you can use the system view called sys.sql_modules, which stores definitions of views and procedures.

The sys.sql_modules holds view definitions identifiable by the object id of each view. The tutorial exercise below shows you how to retrieve the definition of view, "fyi_link_view" by joining sys.sql_modules and sys.views:

USE FyiCenterData;

SELECT m.definition 
   FROM sys.sql_modules m, sys.views v
   WHERE m.object_id = v.object_id
   AND = 'fyi_links_top';   
CREATE VIEW fyi_links_top (LinkText) AS
      + ' - ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),counts) 
      + ' - ' + url 
   FROM fyi_links WHERE counts > 1000
(1 row(s) affected)


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