Creating a View with Data from Another View in SQL Server


Can You Create a View using Data from Another View in SQL Server?



Can You Create a View with Data from Another View? The answer is yes. A view can be used as a table to build other views. The tutorial exercise below shows you how to create a view using data from another view:

USE AdventureWorksLT;

   SELECT SalesOrderNumber, TotalDue, CompanyName
   FROM SalesOrderView 
   WHERE TotalDue > 10000.0

SELECT TOP 10 * FROM SalesOrderTop;
SalesOrderNumber TotalDue    CompanyName
---------------- ----------- ------------------------------
SO71780          42452.6519  Nearby Cycle Shop
SO71782          43962.7901  Professional Sales and Service
SO71783          92663.5609  Eastside Department Store
SO71784          119960.824  Action Bicycle Specialists
SO71796          63686.2708  Extreme Riding Supplies
SO71797          86222.8072  Riding Cycles
SO71832          39531.6085  Closest Bicycle Store
SO71845          45992.3665  Trailblazing Sports
SO71858          15275.1977  Thrilling Bike Tours
SO71897          14017.9083  Paints and Solvents Company


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