ALTER VIEW - Modifying Existing Views in SQL Server


How To Modify the Underlying Query of an Existing View in SQL Server?



If you have an existing view, and want to change the underlying SELECT statement, you can use the "ALTER VIEW ..." statement to redefine the view. The tutorial exercise below shows you how modify an existing view:

USE FyiCenterData;

ALTER VIEW fyi_links_top AS
   SELECT TOP 3 id, counts, url FROM fyi_links 
   WHERE counts > 100
   ORDER BY counts DESC;

SELECT * FROM fyi_links_top;
id     counts  url
------ ------- -------------------------------------------
36470  999966  dgqnvmy   pyjqd toqcoupuxortasdtzvcae jonfb
12292  999953     qebmw v qqmywe q  kza  wskxqns jnb 
6192   999943   p o qisvrakk hk od 


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