Understanding SQL DML Statements for Oracle


Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on SQL DML Statements for Oracle. I want insert and delete data in tables.

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com DBA team on SQL DML Statements for Oracle. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on inserting, updating and deleting rows from database tables.

What Are DML Statements in Oracle

Create a Test Table for DML Testing in Oracle

Set Up SQL*Plus Output Format in Oracle

Insert a New Row into a Table in Oracle

Specify Default Values in INSERT Statements in Oracle

Omit Columns in INSERT Statements in Oracle

Insert Multiple Rows with 1 INSERT Statement in Oracle

Update Values in a Table in Oracle

Update Values on Multiple Rows in Oracle

Use Existing Column Values in SET Clause in Oracle

Use Values from Other Tables in UPDATE in Oracle

Error: Single-Row Subquery Returns More Than One Row in Oracle

Delete an Existing Row from a Table in Oracle

Delete Multiple Rows from a Table in Oracle

in Oracle

Sample scripts used in this FAQ assumes that you are connected to the server with the HR user account on the default database instance XE. See other FAQ collections on how to connect to the server.

Some sample scripts requires database tables created by other samples in the beginning of the collection.


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