Insert Multiple Rows with 1 INSERT Statement in Oracle


How To Insert Multiple Rows with One INSERT Statement in Oracle?



If you want to insert multiple rows with a single INSERT statement, you can use a subquery instead of the VALUES clause. Rows returned from the subquery will be inserted the target table.

The following tutorial exercise gives a good example:

INSERT INTO fyi_links
  SELECT department_id, department_name||'.com', NULL, NULL,
    SYSDATE FROM departments WHERE department_id >= 250;
3 row created.

SELECT * FROM fyi_links;
   ID URL                      NOTES     COUNTS CREATED
----- ------------------------ -------- ------- ---------
  101 NULL           0 30-Apr-06
  102 NULL           0 07-MAY-06
  103 NULL     NULL    07-MAY-06  
  250 Retail         NULL     NULL    07-MAY-06
  260           NULL     NULL    07-MAY-06
  270              NULL     NULL    07-MAY-06


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