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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com DBA team on Understanding PL/SQL Language Basics. It can also be used as learning tutorials on defining variables, assigning values, using "loop" statements, setting "if" conditions, and working with null values.

PL/SQL Language Case Insensitive in Oracle

Enter Comments in PL/SQL in Oracle

Different Types of PL/SQL Code Blocks in Oracle

PL/SQL Anonymous Block in Oracle

PL/SQL Named Program Unit in Oracle

PL/SQL Procedure in Oracle

PL/SQL Functions in Oracle

Declare Local Variables in Oracle

Initialize Variables with Default Values in Oracle

Assign Values to Variables in Oracle

Arithmetic Operations in Pl/SQL in Oracle

Numeric Comparison Operations in Oracle

Logical Operations in PL/SQL in Oracle

Categories of Data Types in PL/SQL in Oracle

Scalar Data Types Supported in PL/SQL in Oracle

Convert Character Types to Numeric Types in Oracle

Types of Execution Flow Control Statements in Oracle

Use "IF" Statements with Multiple Conditions in Oracle

Use "WHILE" Loop Statements in Oracle

Use "FOR" Loop Statements in Oracle

What Is NULL in PL/SQL in Oracle

Test NULL Values in Oracle

Sample scripts used in this FAQ assumes that you are connected to the server with the HR user account on the default database instance XE. Most of the sample scripts in this FAQ collection are written in anonymous block format. It is also assumed that you know how to create and run anonymous blocks with SQL*Plus or SQL Developer.


PL/SQL Language Case Insensitive in Oracle

What Do You Think about Oracle SQL Developer in Oracle

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