Deleting an Existing Database in MySQL


How To Drop an Existing Database in MySQL?



If want to drop an existing database from the MySQL server, you can use the DROP DATABASE statement. Here is a good example of dropping an existing database:

  $con = mysql_connect('localhost:8888', 'dev', 'iyf');
  $sql = 'DROP DATABASE fyi';
  if (mysql_query($sql, $con)) {
    print("Database fyi dropped.\n");
  } else {
    print("Database drop failed with error:\n");
    print(mysql_errno($con).": ".mysql_error($con)."\n");

If you run this script, you will get something like this, if "dev" does not have privilege to drop database:

Database drop failed with error:
1044: Access denied for user 'dev'@'%' to database 'fyi'


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