Using Cursors in SQL Server Transact-SQL


Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Using Cursors in SQL Server Transact-SQL? I want to loop through rows in a result set.



Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by DBA team on Using Cursors in SQL Server Transact-SQL. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on declaring cursor names and cursor variables; open and close cursors; looping through cursor result set; backward scrolling; dynamic cursors.

What Are Cursors in SQL Server

"DECLARE ... CURSOR" - Declaring Cursor Objects in SQL Server

"OPEN" - Executing the Query of a Cursor in SQL Server

"FETCH" - Fetching the Next Row from a Cursor in SQL Server

"FETCH" - Transferring Data from Cursors to Variables in SQL Server

"@@FETCH_STATUS" - Looping through Result Set in SQL Server

Declaring and Using Cursor Variables in SQL Server

SCROLL - Creating Cursors for Backward Scrolling in SQL Server

DYNAMIC - Creating Dynamic Cursors in SQL Server


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