SQL Server FAQs - PHP ODBC Functions - Connection and Query Execution


A collection of 14 FAQs on using PHP ODBC functions to connect to SQL Server databases. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on testing ODBC DSN settings; creating connection to a SQL Server through a DSN; executing SQL statements; looping through result set; Executing prepared statements. Topics included in this collections:

Requirements to Use ODBC Connections in PHP

Commonly Used ODBC Functions in PHP

Testing ODBC DSN Connection Settings

odbc_connect() - Connecting to a SQL Server through an ODBC DSN

odbc_data_source() - Listing All DSN Entries

odbc_exec() - Executing SQL Statements

odbc_errormsg() - Retrieving ODBC Error Messages

Turning Off PHP Warning Messages for ODBC Connection

Returning Result from Query with ODBC Connection

odbc_fetch_row() - Looping through Result Set Objects

odbc_result() - Retrieve Field Values

odbc_tables() - Listing All Tables in the Database

odbc_columns() - Listing All Columns in a Table

odbc_prepare() - Creating Prepared Statements

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and PHP 5 on Windows XP. To follow tutorial exercises in this collection, you need to use test tables created from previous tutorial collections.


Requirements to Use ODBC Connections in PHP

Connecting Windows Applications to SQL Servers via ODBC

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