SQL Server FAQs - PHP MSSQL Functions - Connections and Query Execution


A collection of 18 FAQs on connecting to MS SQL Server with PHP scripts. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on SQL Server connection; providing port number; selecting database; running SQL statements; checking execution errors; looping through query result; looping through result fields. Topics included in this collections:

Downloading and Installing PHP on Windows

Checking Your PHP Installation

Requirements for Connecting PHP to MS SQL Server

Turning on the MSSQL API Module

ntwdblib.dll - SQL Server Client Library DLL

Missing ntwdblib.dll for MSSQL connection

Finding ntwdblib.dll Version 2000.80.194.0

mssql_connect() - Connecting to Different Port Numbers

Commonly Used MSSQL Functions in PHP

mssql_close() - Disconnecting from a SQL Server

mssql_select_db() - Selecting an Exiting Database

mssql_query() - Executing SQL Statements

mssql_get_last_message() - Retrieving Error Messages

Turning Off PHP Warning Messages for MSSQL Connection

Returning Result from Query with MSSQL Connection

mssql_fetch_array() - Looping through Result Set Objects

mssql_result() - Retrieve Field Values

mssql_field_name() - Retrieve Field Names

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and PHP 5 on Windows XP. Sometimes you may need to run previous tutorials in order to continue a later tutorial.

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Downloading and Installing PHP on Windows

PHP ODBC - Creating an Identity Column

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