Commonly Used MSSQL Functions in PHP


What Are Commonly Used MSSQL Functions in PHP?

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If you look at the PHP 5 manual, you will see a group of functions listed under the Microsoft SQL Server Functions section. The commonly used functions are:

    mssql_connect � Open MS SQL server connection mssql_close � Close MS SQL Server connection mssql_select_db � Select MS SQL database mssql_query � Send MS SQL query mssql_num_rows � Gets the number of rows in result mssql_fetch_row � Get row as enumerated array mssql_fetch_assoc � Returns an associative array of the current row in the result mssql_fetch_array � Fetch a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both mssql_fetch_object � Fetch row as object mssql_free_result � Free result memory mssql_num_fields � Gets the number of fields in result mssql_field_name � Get the name of a field mssql_field_type � Gets the type of a field mssql_field_length � Get the length of a field mssql_fetch_field � Get field information mssql_get_last_message � Returns the last message from the server mssql_rows_affected � Returns the number of records affected by the query

Some of the functions will be discussed in this tutorial collection.


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