Finding ntwdblib.dll Version 2000.80.194.0


Where to Find ntwdblib.dll Version 2000.80.194.0?

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You know that the copy of ntwdblib.dll version 2000.2.8.0 included in Windows binary version of PHP 5.2.3 does not work with MS SQL Server 2005. You need to get a new version of ntwdblib.dll.

One way to get a free copy of ntwdblib.dll is to download MS SQL Server 2000 SP4 from Microsoft Website. It contains a copy of ntwdblib.dll version 2000.80.194.0 in the system directory.

Copy ntwdblib.dll from SQL Server 2000 SP4 package to C:\ntwdblib.dll-new. Check the properties of this file, you will see the version is 2000.80.194.0. Enter this single-statement script, fyi-center.php, for testing:


Make sure your SQL Server 2005 is running on your machine. Run the following tests in a command line:

C:\test\>copy c:\php\ntwdblib.dll-old c:\php\ntwdblib.dll

C:\test>\php\php fyi-center.php
Warning: mssql_connect(): Unable to connect to server:  
LOCALHOST in C:\test\fyi-center.php on line 2

C:\test\>copy c:\php\ntwdblib.dll-new c:\php\ntwdblib.dll

C:\test>\php\php fyi-center.php
(No warning messages)

These tests show that ntwdblib.dll version 2000.80.194.0 is working with MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition!


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