Getting Parts of DATETIME Values as Integers in SQL Server


How To Get Parts of DATETIME Values as Integers in SQL Server Transact-SQL?



Sometimes, you want to one specific part of a DATETIME value as an integer to be used in your own date and time calculations. This can be done by using the DATEPART() function in the following format:

DATENAME(datepart, date) returns INT:
"date" - the input date
"datepart" - one of predefined date part names
   See other tutorials for the list of names

In following tutorial example shows you how display a birth date in a format of yyyy.m.d:

SET @birth_date = '1987-05-19 16:10:41.403';
SELECT 'You were born on '
   + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DATEPART(year, @birth_date))
   + '.'
   + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DATEPART(month, @birth_date))
   + '.'
   + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DATEPART(day, @birth_date));
You were born on 1987.5.19


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