Getting Month and Weekday Names from DATATIME Values in SQL Server


How To Get Month and Weekday Names from DATETIME Values in SQL Server Transact-SQL?



In DATETIME values, the month part and weekday part have names. You can use the DATENAME() function to get the month name and weekday name from a DATETIME value in the following format:

DATENAME(datepart, date) returns NVARCHAR:
"date" - the input date
"datepart" - "month" or "weekday"

Here is a simple example:

DECLARE @submit_date DATETIME;
SET @submit_date = '2007-05-19 16:10:41.403';
SELECT 'Posted in the month of '
   + DATENAME(month, @submit_date)
   + ' on a '+DATENAME(weekday, @submit_date);
Posted in the month of May on a Saturday


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