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What Do You Need to Connect PHP to MySQL in MySQL?



If you want to access MySQL database server in your PHP script, you need to make sure that a MySQL API module (extension) is installed and turned on in your PHP engine. PHP 5 now supports two MySQL API extensions:

  • mysql - This is the standard MySQL API extension. It does not support the improved authentication protocol used in MySQL 5.0, nor does it support prepared statements or multiple statements.
  • mysqli - Stands for "MySQL, Improved". This extension is available only in PHP 5. It is intended for use with MySQL 4.1.1 and later. This extension fully supports the authentication protocol used in MySQL 5.0, as well as the Prepared Statements and Multiple Statements APIs. In addition, this extension provides an advanced, object-oriented programming interface.

"mysql" API extension will be used in this tutorial collection.


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