MySQL Functions on Character String Values


Where to find reference information and tutorials on MySQL database functions on string values? I want to know how to use SUBSTRING(), REPLACE() and other character string related functions.



Here is a collection of reference information and tutorials on MySQL database functions on string values compiled by DBA team.

ASCII() - ASCII Value of First Character

BIT_LENGTH() - Number of Bits in String

CHAR() - Building String from Byte Values

CHAR_LENGTH() - Number of Characters


CHARSET() - Detecting Character Set Name

COERCIBILITY() - Character Collation Coercibility

COLLATION() - Detecting Character Collation Name

CONCAT() - Concatenating Strings

CONCAT_WS() - Concatenation with Separator

CONV() - Binary/HEX String and Integer Conversion

ELT() - String at Given Index

FIELD() - Find String in String List

FIND_IN_SET() - Find Substring in List String

FROM_BASE64() - Base64 Decoding

HEX() - Calculate HEX representation

INSERT() - Insert and Replace Substring

INSTR() - Find Substring

LCASE() - Synonym for LOWER()

LEFT() - First N Characters

LENGTH() - Number of Bytes in String

LOCATE() - Locate Substring Starting at N

LOWER() - Convert String to Lower Case

LPAD() - Left-Padding String

LTRIM() - Left-Trimming String

MID() - Synonym for SUBSTRING()

OCT() - Calculate Octal representation

OCTET_LENGTH() - Synonym for LENGTH()

ORD() - Order Value of First Character

POSITION() - Synonym for LOCATE()

QUOTE() - MySQL Quoting String

REPEAT() - Repeating String

REPLACE() - Replacing Substring

REVERSE() - Reversing String

RIGHT() - Last N Characters

RPAD() - Right-Padding String

RTRIM() - Right-Trimming String

SOUNDEX() - Soundex Encoding

SPACE() - Repeating Space Character

STRCMP() - Comparing Strings

SUBSTR() - Synonym for SUBSTRING()

SUBSTRING() - Substring at Given Position

SUBSTRING_INDEX() - Substring in Delimited String

TO_BASE64() - Base64 Encoding

TRIM() - Trimming String

UCASE() - Synonym for UPPER()

UNHEX() - HEX to String Conversion

UPPER() - Convert String to Upper Case

WEIGHT_STRING() - String Sorting Weight


ASCII() - ASCII Value of First Character

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