Defining Text Files as the DTS Data Source


How To Define Text Files as the DTS Data Source?

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If your data text file is ready to import, you can start the DTS wizard and define the text file as the data source following this tutorial:

1. Start the DTS wizard and click Next. The data source window shows up.

2. Select "Text File" as the Data Source driver and enter C:\temp\ as the File Name. Then click Next. The file format window shows up.

3. You should see several rows from the text file displayed in the preview section. File in all fields based on the following suggestions:

Delimited. The columns are separated by any character: Yes
File type: ANSI
Row delimiter: {CR}{LF}
Text qualifier: <none>
Skip rows: 0
First row has column names: Yes

4. Click Next. The column delimiter window shows up.

5. Select Tab. You should see the data rows and columns are properly displayed in the preview section.

6. Click Next. The destination window shows up. You are ready to follow the next tutorial to define a SQL Server database table as the DTS data destination.


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