SQL Server FAQs - Introduction to DTS (Data Transformation Services)


A collection of 10 FAQs on DTS (Data Transformation Services). Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on using DTS to import data to SQL Server and export data from SQL Server; exporting tables to MS Excel files; importing tables from text files. Topics included in this collections:

What Is DTS

Installing DTS on Windows XP Systems

Starting DTS Wizard

Defining SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Source

Defining Excel Files as the DTS Data Destination

Copying a Table from Source to Destination

Preparing Data in Text Files for DTS to Import

Defining Text Files as the DTS Data Source

Defining SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Destination

Data Formats Supported by DTS

Please note that all answers and tutorials are based on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. To follow tutorial exercises in this collection, you need to use test tables created from previous tutorial collections.


What Is DTS

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