Copying a Table from Source to Destination


How To Copy a Table from Source to Destination?

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If the DTS data source is set to a SQL Server, you have two options to transform data from source to destination:

  • Copy all rows and columns of a table or view.
  • Generating data by a SELECT query statement.

This tutorial continues from previous tutorials to copy a table from SQL Server to an Excel file:

1. Continue from previous tutorials until the data selection options window.

2. Select the "Copy table(s) and view(s) from the source database" option and click Next. You should see a list of tables available in the SQL Server defined as the data source.

3. Select table [FyiCenterData].[dbo].[fyi_links].

4. Click Next. The data transformation option window shows up.

5. Select "Run immediately". Then click Next. The confirmation window shows up.

6. Review source and destination settings. Click Finish. The transformation progress window shows up. Wait until the transformation is done. Click OK, when you see the transformation is done message.

7. Close DTS wizard.

You should see an Excel file created by DTS: C:\temp\fyi_links.xls


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