Installing DTS on Windows XP Systems


How To Install DTS (Data Transformation Services) on Windows XP Systems?

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SQL Server 2000 is not supported on Windows XP systems, but you can still install DTS (Data Transformation Services) as client component your XP system. This allows you to continue to use DTS with SQL Server 2005, if you don't want to learn SSIS right away. This tutorial shows you how to install DTS on your local computer system.

1. Insert the SQL Server 2000 CD. The setup wizard shows up.

2. Click SQL Server 2000 Components. The component list window shows up.

3. Click Install Database Server. You will receive a setup error: "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition server component is not supported on this operating system. Only client components will be available for installation."

4. Click OK to skip the error message. The installation wizard shows up.

5. Keep clicking Next to skip the first 3 windows until you see the window to enter your name and company.

6. Enter your name and company name. Click Next again. The license window shows up.

7. Click Yes. The installation type list shows up.

8. Select Client Tools Only, and click Next. The component selection window shows up.

9. Select only Enterprise Manager in the Management Tools group and deselect all other component. DTS (Data Transformation Services) is part of the Enterprise Manager component. See the picture below:

Enterprise Manager Installation
Enterprise Manager Installation

10. Click Next and follow the wizard to finish the installation.


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