Defining SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Source


How To Define SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Source?

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If you want to transform (export) data out of a SQL Server 2005 database table, you need to configure the DTS data source to connect the SQL Server 2005 server. The tutorial exercise below shows you how to connect to the local SQL Server 2005 server and select a table as the data source for a DTS data transformation transaction.

1. Run DTS DTS Import/Export Wizard and click Next. The data source selection window shows up.

2. Select "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server" as the data source driver. Then fill the other fields with:

Use SQL Server Authentication: checked
Username: sa
Password: FYIcenter
Database: FyiCenterData

Note that you can not enter the database name in the Database field. If you have entered Server, Username, and Password correctly, you should see all available databases from your database server showing in the dropdown list.

Click Next. If you see the destination window, your data source is defined correctly now. You are ready to continue with the next tutorial to configure the DTS data destination.


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