Defining SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Destination


How To Define SQL Server 2005 as the DTS Data Destination?

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If you are importing data from text files to SQL Server 2005 database tables, you need to define SQL Server 2005 as the DTS data destination. This tutorial continues from the previous tutorial to show you how to tell DTS to create a new table in a SQL Server as the DTS destination.

1. Continue from the previous tutorial until you see the destination window.

2. Enter the following information:

Destination: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Use SQL Server Authentication: checked
Username: sa
Password: FYIcenter
Database: FyiCenterData

3. Click Next. The destination table creation window shows up.

4. Review the destination new table name: [FyiCenterData].[dbo].[fyi_articles].

5. Click Transform to review new table column definitions. By default, DTS will create all columns as VARCHAR(255). Click OK to close the Transform window.

6. Click Next and follow the wizard to complete the import process.

7. Connect to SQL Server with SQLCMD to verify the imported new table.


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