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Converting Binary Strings into NUMERIC or FLOAT in SQL Server
Can Binary Strings Be Converted into NUMERIC or FLOAT Data Types in SQL Server Transact-SQL? Can binary strings be converted into numeric or float data types? The answer is no. Binary strings can not be converted implicitly or explicitly into NUMERIC, DECIMAL, REAL, or FLOAT data types. The tutorial...
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Change Transaction Isolation Level in MySQL
How To View and Change the Current Transaction Isolation Level in MySQL? If you want to view or change the current transaction isolation level, you can use the following commands: SELECT @@TX_ISOLATION FROM DUAL; -- Viewing the current transaction isolation level. SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL lev...
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Install Oracle Database 10g XE in Oracle
How To Install Oracle Database 10g XE in Oracle? To install 10g universal edition, double click, OracleXEUniv.exe, the install wizard starts. It will guide you to finish the installation process. You should take notes about: The SYSTEM password you selected: fyicenter. Database server port: 1521. Da...
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Change Program Global Area (PGA) in Oracle
How To Change Program Global Area (PGA) in Oracle? Your 10g XE server has a default setting for Program Global Area (PGA) of 40MB. The PGA size can be changed to a new value depending on how much data a single session should be allocated. If you think your session will be short with a small amount o...
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What Is an Oracle Database in Oracle
What Is an Oracle Database in Oracle? An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a big unit in the database server.   ⇒ What Is an Oracle Instance in Oracle ⇐ What Is Oracle in Oracle ⇑ Oracle Database Basic Concepts ⇑⇑ Oracle Database Tutorials
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Create a Table in a Given Tablespace in Oracle
How To Create a Table in a Specific Tablespace in Oracle? After you have created a new tablespace, you can give it to your users for them to create tables in the new tablespace. To create a table in a specific tablespace, you need to use the TABLESPACE clause in the CREATE TABLE statement. Here is a...
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Rolling Back the DDL Statement in a Trigger in SQL Server
Can You Roll Back the DDL Statement in a Trigger in SQL Server? Can you roll back the DDL statement in a trigger? The answer is yes. Since the DDL statement that fires the trigger and the statements defined inside the trigger are all executed as a single statement batch, you can add a ROLLBACK state...
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Relations of a User Account and a Schema in Oracle
What Is the Relation of a User Account and a Schema in Oracle? User accounts and schemas have a one-to-one relation. When you create a user, you are also implicitly creating a schema for that user. A schema is a logical container for the database objects (such as tables, views, triggers, and so on) ...
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Run Stored Procedures in Debug Mode in Oracle
How To Run Stored Procedures in Debug Mode in Oracle? If have an existing stored procedure and you want to debug it interactively, you can use the debug feature provided in SQL Developer. The following exercise shows you how to start the debug mode: Open you connection name, like Local_XE. Open Proc...
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CREATE TABLE - Creating New Tables in SQL Server
How to create new tables with "CREATE TABLE" statements in SQL Server? If you want to create a new table, you can use the "CREATE TABLE" statement. The following tutorial script shows you how to create a table called "tip": CREATE TABLE tip (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, subject VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL, desc...
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Select an Oracle System ID (SID) in Oracle
How To Select an Oracle System ID (SID) in Oracle? This is Step 1. If you are planning to create a new database, you need to select an Oracle System ID (SID). This ID will be used to identify the new Oracle database and its Oracle instance. SID must be unique if you want to run multiple databases on...
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Show Storage Engines Supported in MySQL in MySQL
How To See Which Storage Engines Are Supported in Your MySQL Server in MySQL? If you want to know exactly which storage engines are supported in your MySQL server, you can run the "SHOW ENGINES" command as shown in the tutorial example below: mysql&gt; SHOW ENGINES; +------------+---------+-----. ..
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Using Binary Strings in Arithmetical Operations in SQL Server
Can Binary Strings Be Used in Arithmetical Operations in SQL Server Transact-SQL? Can binary strings be used in arithmetical operations? The answer is yes. But there are two simple rules you need to remember: If an arithmetical operation has one binary string operand and one integer data type operan...
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Input Buffer in SQL*Plus in Oracle
What Is Input Buffer in SQL*Plus in Oracle? Input buffer is a nice feature of the command-line SQL*Plus tool. It allows you to revise a multiple-line command and re-run it with a couple of simple commands. By default, input buffer is always turned on in SQL*Plus. The last SQL statement is always sto...
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mscorsvw.exe - Process - Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN in SQL Server
What is mscorsvw.exe - Process - Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN in SQL Server? Process mscorsvw.exe is installed as a system service as part of the .NET Framework 2.0. You can disable it, if you are not using any applications that require .NET Framework 2.0. mscorsvw.exe process and program file info...
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Locks, Timeouts, and Deadlocks in MySQL
What Are Impacts on Applications from Locks, Timeouts, and DeadLocks in MySQL? If you are using transactions with REPEATABLE READ isolation level and transaction safe storage engines in your applications, data locks, lock timeouts, and dead lock detections will impact your application in a concurren...
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Convert Dates to Character Strings in Oracle
How To Convert Dates to Characters in Oracle? You can convert dates to characters using the TO_CHAR() function as shown in the following examples: SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'DD-MON-YYYY') FROM DUAL; -- SYSDATE returns the current date 07-MAY-2006 SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'YYYY/MM/DD') FROM DUAL; 2006/0...
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Requirements for Using MySQL in PHP in MySQL
What Do You Need to Connect PHP to MySQL in MySQL? If you want to access MySQL database server in your PHP script, you need to make sure that a MySQL API module (extension) is installed and turned on in your PHP engine. PHP 5 now supports two MySQL API extensions: mysql - This is the standard MySQL ...
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How To Count Duplicated Values in a Column? in SQL Server
How To Count Duplicated Values in a Column in SQL Server? If you have a column with duplicated values, and you want to know what are those duplicated values are and how many duplicates are there for each of those values, you can use the "GROUP BY ... HAVING" clause as shown in the following example....
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Requirements for SQL*Plus Connection in Oracle
What Information Is Needed to Connect SQL*Plus an Oracle Server in Oracle? If you want to connect your SQL*Plus session to an Oracle server, you need to know the following information about this server: The network hostname, or IP address, of the Oracle server. The network port number where the Orac...
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Scope Levels of User Privileges in MySQL
How Many Scope Levels Can User Privileges Apply in MySQL? MySQL supports 5 scope levels a user privilege can be granted: Global Level - A privilege granted at this level applies to all databases on the server. Privileges granted at the global level stored in "mysql.user" table. Database Level - A pr...
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Shutdown the Server with "mysqladmin" Command in MySQL
How To Shut Down the Server with "mysqladmin" in MySQL? If you want to shut down the server with "mysqladmin", you can use the command "mysqladmin shutdown" as shown in the following tutorial example: &gt;cd \mysql\bin &gt;mysqladmin -u root shutdown If this command returns no messages, your...
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Introduction to Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool? I want to learn simple ways to run commands on Oracle database server. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com DBA team on Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool. Cle...
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Exact Numeric Literals in SQL Server Transact-SQL
What are exact numeric literals supported in SQL Server Transact-SQL? Exact numeric literals in Transact-SQL are numbers written in standard signed decimal formats. Exact numeric literals are used to provide values to exact numeric variables or table columns like INTEGER, DECIMAL(8,2), MONEY, etc. E...
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